The co-op was born out of the need for a responsible entity to facilitate collaboration between students, experienced artists, patrons, and their community.


Build, maintain, and support an artists collective.
Share in costs, rewards, and risks of artistic ventures.
Secure space, both permanent and temporary, for artistic ventures.
Develope a strong outreach program to:
    a) Facilitate community involvement in art projects.
    b) Provide opportunities for education relating to the arts.
    c) Provide opportunities for artistic ventures.

Mission Statement

The Arts Co-op is a vessel to support and uplift artists in their own aspirations, and carry them beyond their individual capacities if they so desire.

We will watch for artistic opportunities
We will create artistic opportunities
We will involve the community when creating public projects
We will implement projects where opportunities present themselves
We will strive to exceed even our own expectations
We will support our members in their artistic endeavors

The Arts Co-op was designed with the primary goal of bringing previously out-of-reach opportunities to aspiring artists and their communities.


We don't share our members' data with anyone. We make a conscientious effort to keep any data about you secure and to not ask for data that would put you at risk in the unlikely event that our servers become compromised. The data that we collect is strictly for keeping in contact with our members. Should you volunteer other information such as details about your art, materials that you use to make art, or the space that you require to make art, it is used to assess the needs of our members and will not be used for other purposes. Should the co-op decide to utilize this data to inform outside parties of our members' needs, it will be on an "opt in" basis. We will always assume that you do not want your data shared.

Art Chat and Forum

A self hosted forum and chat server for our members. Here there are channels for communicating, collaboration, and classifieds. Do you have an art project you want help with? Do you have an idea for an art project, but no time to work on it? In the forum there are channels to share ideas, look for inspiration, and find collaborators.

Space For Artistic Ventures

Whether you need space in a gallery or for working you've come to the right place. The co-op designs and procures space to suit the needs of its members. If you need space fill out a notification form to share your needs with the co-op. When you want your art displayed for sale or to share, the co-op will find the light for your art, whether your 5 year old creates a masterpiece or you're a seasoned niche artist we can create a space to celebrate the art.

Membership is only $5 - There are no monthly fees or annual dues

Membership Enrollment